Where to Visit First in Utah

One of the most special states in terms of geography, territory, culture and lifestyle, Utah continues to enchant anyone who decides to visit it. A huge variety of natural landscapes, national parks, and big cities are some of the attractive features of Utah State. So it can be possibly difficult to decide which place to visit first.

However, due to its unique beauty, amazing view and characteristic stone formations, the Arche National Park should be the first choice of anyone who wants to meet the State of Utah. It is located in Moab and it was ”born” on April 12, 1929.download-2

It is easy to conclude that the Arche National Park is full of natural stone arches. The number goes up to 2,000 and the visitor has an opportunity to admire a large variety of land textures, rock formations and colors. Furthermore, the prehistoric human presence, which goes back to 8,000 B.C., left a multitude of rock art panels.

Except for the landscapes, the Arche National Park has a large variety of flora and fauna. The 7 species of amphibians (canyon treefrog, Great Basin spadefoot and more), 184 species of birds (Bald Eagle, Bushtit, American Redstart and more), 10 species of fish (Bluehead Sucker, Largemouth Bass, and more), 56 species of mammals (coyote, mountain lion, hoary bat and more), 15 species of reptiles (nightsnake, tree lizard and more) and 566 species of vascular plants (common gilia, Shrubby bedstraw adn more) are proof of the natural life’s diversity.

Furthermore, the Arche National Park offers its visitors the opportunity to receive outdoor education through the CCOE program, which provides a series of lessons for grades one through six. Some of the titles of these lessons plans are ”Rock”, ”Microorganisms of the Desert”, ”Imaginary River Trip”, ”Desert Adaptations”, etc.

The Arche National Park is a natural monument of staggering beauty and a source of great knowledge, absolutely worthy of visiting.