Utah’s Finest Schools

Ensuring that children benefit from the best education possible is a key factor that must be accounted for if you wish for their future to be trouble-free and if they are to have a good transition through the different academic and educational stages they will go through.

Those who seek to find out which might be the best choices when it comes to the schools in Utah, will be able to browse a selection of some of the finest schools in the state.

  • Utah County Academy of Science (UCAS): featuring a proficiency percentage of 91.9% and a total enrolment of 388 children, it is easy to see why this high level school ranks among the first schools in Utah;clear_springs_high_school_league_city_texas
  • Northern Utah Academy for Math, Engineering & Science (NUAMES): another impressive candidate for the title of best school in Utah, this institution features a proficiency percentage of 86.44% and a total enrolment of 448 children. Initiated in 2004 in order to prepare high school students for a smooth transition to university studies, this school – as its name suggests – focuses and excels in math, engineering and science;
  • Legacy Preparatory Academy: with a proficiency percentage and an enrolment of 993, this school prides itself to offering the necessary information that can help children build the foundation of knowledge and critical thinking skills which are required in order to enhance the learning process;
  • Intech Collegiate High: boasting a 81.98% proficiency percentage, this school has a total enrolment of 161, which states a lot about its exclusive nature and the fact that not everyone manages to gain a place in this top education institution;
  • Desert Hills High: the 82.16% proficiency percentage and 953 enrolment rate are strong indicators about the popularity and success of this school, that sees a significant attendance from numerous children from all over the state, thanks to its welcoming and kind staff.