Outdoor and adventurous activities in Salk Lake City

Thousands of tourists visit Salk Lake City in Utah every year to experience the natural wil6095176634_8ca0c7f99c_bderness of the area and participate in a series of outdoor and fun activities that the city has to offer. Though one of the most underrated travel destinations, many adventurous sports can be practiced here, just as much as in Arizona and California. Here are four extreme sports you can participate in when travelling to Salk Lake City:

Downhill Mountain Bike

Biking down a steep mountain at break neck speed on your mountain bike is really something else. It is an exhilarating experience that cannot be described in words, but has to be experienced. Some of the local resorts have great bike trails that you can reach via ski lift. Make sure you have the right gear and understand the route carefully. Some trails are more popular than others so you might want to explore your options before setting out.


Another great outdoor activity that you can explore is paragliding. The mountain ranges of Utah will provide you with ample opportunities to fly like a free bird taking in the scenery of Salk Lake City. You will find a local spot in the city that is just 45 minutes away by car. Many enthusiasts visit the place just for paragliding.


How can we forget skydiving when talking about aerial sports and mountain ranges? One of the most popular destination for sky diving, you will notice hundreds of tourists flocking to the location to experience the true magic of free falling from a height of 4000-5000 feet. You will get to explore the scenic mountain ranges and the gorgeous mountain landscape in once in a lifetime ride. You must however remember that this sport is not suitable for people with heart conditions or those who have a weak will power.