All Eyes on You: Advancing your career with a Master’s in Ophthalmology

We take them for granted, but our eyes are probably our most precious treasure. The sense of senses. How we absorb the world around us. That is why we are especially careful when selecting the person to help us take care of them. We want someone who is passionate, knowledgeable, and well prepared. And if you are here reading this, you must be all these things already, but as passionate as you are about your craft, you are hungry for more. 

You should look no further than a Master’s in Ophthalmology to curb your hunger. An ophthalmologist is the doctor who specializes in eye and vision care. They diagnose and treat all eye diseases, perform eye surgery, and correct vision problems. Ophthalmologist have incredible attention to detail, which is why they are often helpful in helping patients recognize other health issues that while not specifically of the eyes, are manifesting that way, and can refer the patient to the right specialist.With a Master’s in Ophthalmology you can specialize further in specific conditions like glaucoma, or even in special parts of the eye like the retina. You can also choose between becoming a practitioner and work directly with patients, or work at the forefront in groundbreaking research in fields such as Vision Science.